Our technology

Our technology is adjustable to many other industrial solutions.

Real time automatic infrastructure elements identification

Thanks to artificial intelligence, A-Eye provides the drone with autonomous acquisition capabilities through innovative and adaptive autopilots.

The system performs real-time automatic recognition of various industrial structures and equipment and is particularly well-suited for high-voltage infrastructure inspection such as pylons and lines without interrupting their commercial use.

A-Eye ensures compliance with safety distances, enables optimized capture of detected elements and automatic cable tracking, saves flight plans for replay …. all while making the most of the onboard sensors.

  • Report customization according to customer needs
  • Rich, integrated, dynamic and export-ready reports
  • Improve the quality and reporting of inspections


We have developed an embedded software fixed on the top of our drone. The product called A-Eye is a smart device that optimizes drastically the infrastructure inspections thanks to its autopilot fonctions.

  • Possibility to audit different kind of infrastructure with the same technology
  • Capture different types of data (photos, thermography, ...)
  • Possibility to replay the flight thanks to the flight plan associated with each audit

Modeling of structures

By measuring different components, we can modeling it on Autocad or Tower

Evolution of deformations

Thanks to our intelligent on-board device, we can replay the exact same flight plan for each piece of equipment audited. This allows us to compare structures over time, juxtapose defects and deformations.

A-Eye smart device solution

We have developed a Smart Device fixable on drones to optimize the types of missions proposed by Qualitics to its customers. It is an embedded software suite fixed as a payload on the drone and offers various decisive advantages

  • Minimize pilot manual intervention and reduce inspection time
  • Guarantee a distance between
    the drone and the object
    to inspect
  • Improve the accuracy
    of inspections
  • Activate specific
    programmed actions
    (photos, thermography, ...)
  • Set the max and min altitude at which the drone can fly
  • Increase security
    by detecting obstacles

Secure Cloud and On-Premise solution:
Access your Data Anytime, Anywhere, with guaranteed national Data residency

At Qualitics, we have developed a highly secure and customizable platform designed to generate and record our uniquely tailored reporting solutions. To maintain the highest level of quality in the execution of our missions, this platform includes a suite of databases that systematically record flight plans, photos of the equipment or structures to be inspected, and their various measurements, classifications, and geolocations.
We ensure that all data, whether stored in our secure cloud or managed on-premise, remains within national borders, providing our clients with the peace of mind that their information is both protected and compliant with local data residency regulations.

The heart of our business

  • Electricity Transmission & Distribution Network
    Electricity Transmission & Distribution Network
  • Bridges and viaducts
    Bridges and viaducts
  • Dam and water tower
    Dam and water tower
  • Wind turbines
    Wind turbines

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